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What is “warm edge”? How is the edge bond of an insulating glass element made? What is a spacer?


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      • Here you can find building physical knowledge about glass, windows and facades..
      • You can learn more about how energy efficient glass is working and why glass can break.
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      • Here you can find out the meaning of “warm edge” and book individual and independent consulting.
      • Your technical marketing for warm edge products, for glass, windows and facades will find assistance.
      • Product developments are supported with expert knowledge in a strictly confidential way.

Most of us hardly give glass a thought, but imagine waking in a world where glass has been stripped away or uninvented. All glass utensils have vanished, including those now made of similar substances such as plastics which would not have existed without glass. All objects, technologies and ideas that owe their existence to glass have gone.

The Glass Bathyscaphe, Alan Macfarlane & Gerry Martin