Workshop “Warm Edge”

  • Knowledge updating for your sales team
  • Training for employees and customers
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The following components can be assembled individually according to your requirements:

  • History of insulating glass edge bond
  • Functions of insulating glass edge bond
  • Definition of “warm edge”
  • Basics of building physics of thermal insulation
  • The correct Psi-values for windows and facades
  • Representative Psi-values for windows (BF-data sheets and ift guideline)
  • Thermo-technical handling of muntin windows
  • Comparison of different edge bond systems


Workshop “Thermal Insulation with Glass, Window and Facade”

  • Training for employees
  • Service offer for your customers
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The following components can be assembled individually according to your requirements:

  • Basics of building physics of thermal insulation
  • Saving and gaining of energy with insulating glass
  • What is a U-value? What is a Psi-value?
  • Ug-value, g-value and emissivity of glazings
  • The right Psi- and U-values for windows
  • The right Psi- and U-values for facades
  • Condensation on insulating glass
  • The f-Factor for calculation of minimum surface temperatures
  • Ug-values of inclined glazings


Lecture “Warm Edge”

  • For customer events

Are you planning an event for your customers? I can contribute an expert lecture explaining the basics of warm edge to your guests in a clear and comprehensible way.


Individual Consulting for your Research & Development

  • Project based work

You have new ideas for warm edge products? My offer is a qualified analysis of your product idea. I will evaluate the technical performance and the degree of innovation, analyse practicability, competitive ability and sales chances in different markets. If required I can coach your product development or manage the whole project.

You are welcome to outsource temporarily accumulating tasks, which would bind too much capacity of your employed workforce. For example I can organize on your behalf tests and approvals for your products in different countries or supervise your research projects at external institutions.


Individual Consulting for your Marketing and Sales

  • Project based work

You plan the market introduction of a new warm edge product and need a striking marketing and sales plan? Together, we will develop the right strategy for your success. In a individual workshop with your marketing and sales team, we will find the best sales arguments for the right targets.

Furthermore, I can support you and work out the editorial content of your promotional material.


Please kindly contact me or send me your inquiry. I would be pleased to sending you a detailed offer for your individual requirements.