BF Bulletin 004

BF Bulletin 004 Guide to Warm Edge – 5th Update available now!

Böblingen, 5.8.2022. It was about time: The BF Bulletin 004 “Guide to Warm Edge” has been updated once again. The fifth revision from May 2022 is available now.

In addition to thermal aspects of the thermally improved insulating glass edge bond, the Warm Edge working group has now also dealt with questions relating to the systems’ suitability for use. In several sub-projects, the properties of spacers that can influence the durability of insulating glass units were investigated. For this purpose, test methods were developed in basic projects, according to which all spacer systems that have a BF data sheet with representative Psi values ​​were then tested.

These criteria include, for example, the linear thermal expansion of rigid spacer hollow profiles, but also the question of whether volatile substances could be released at higher temperatures, which show up as a visible deposit on the glass surface in the space between the panes (fogging). The bonding strength of profiles that are made up of several components and the UV resistance of systems with plastic components are also among the issues. You can find out more about that in this post.

In the meantime, some of these tests have been introduced as further requirements for a BF data sheet to be issued. In addition, explanations of different spacer categories have been included in the Bulletin.

The BF Bulletin 004 Guide to Warm Edge is available in four language versions with explanations on the use of the BF data sheets, either for free download on the BF website, or directly here (Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch und Polnisch).

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BF Bulletin 004 – typo gremlins got into the works

March 28th, 2017. Unfortunately, the typo gremlins got into the last version of the BF Bulletin 004 “Guide to ‘Warm Edge’ for windows and facades”, and that of all things in the formulas for the calculation of Uw and Ucw. Immediately upon discovery the typos were corrected. As of now, the latest version (Modification index 4, March 2017) is available for free download on the BF websites. Or you can directly get to the pdf-files of the Bulletin in German language here, to the English version here, and to the French please click here.