Insulating glass

Update on Warm Edge

February 9th, 2021. With the title “Das ist der Stand bei Warmer Kante”, another article by the warm edge consultant on the situation of warm edge was published in issue 2-2021 of the GFF magazine. You can read here (in German language) which systems are currently available on the market, how they are divided into different categories according to EN 1279-1 and what the rules of EN 1279-1 Annex D are all about when replacing components.

In the same issue, an interview with the warm edge consultant on frequently asked questions was published (in German language), which you can find here as well.

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Safe and tight?

June 16th, 2014. During all those discussions about the third position after the decimal point of Psi-values, sometimes I miss other important aspects of insulating glass, like for example the durability of the edge bond. World’s best warm edge system would be worth nothing, if it allows for the gas fill to leak from the gap between the panes, because this worsens the Ug-value. Or if the unit fails untimely, because humidity can get into the gap and condensate on the inner glass surfaces. In my latest article for the magazin GLASWELT, I explain what is important for the processing of warm edge spacer systems and for the quality of insulating glass units. You can read the article in German language here.